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Monday, November 21, 2005

Makes Me Dizzy...

OK, so yesterday my mom, my brother and I all got new cell phones on Cingular. This way, we'll all be on one family plan and be able to call each other as much as we like, I can call Britt as much as I like, it'll all be gravy. Got really cool phones, too.

I come to find out today that Cingular is becoming AT&T (again?)

Why can't these companies just pick one name and stick with it? I found out not too long ago that BankOne, who I'd just moved my checking account to, was becoming Chase.

Cingular: take some advice- stay as Cingular. Leave all this AT&T (Wireless or not) nonsense behind, keep playing with that quirky little orange dude and don't change your name for at least two more years. Please?

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