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Saturday, May 26, 2007


So, way way back, I posted about Cingular becoming AT&T again. Well, it's finally happening, and I still don't like it. There's no "AT&T Mobility" web site, just The AT&T globe is popping up everywhere, but everything's still orange, not blue. One of my professors (Hi, Prof. Clark!) got a new KRZR with a Cingular logo on it from a "Cingular is now The New AT&T" store, with a SIM card that reports AT&T on the screen.

Wouldja just hurry up and switch it, AT&T? Nobody who doesn't remember the Ma Bell thing is going to hate you more for changing everything really quick, and those who do remember aren't going to hate you any less. No loss, that I can see.

(Yes, I'm still somewhat jaded about the "baby Bells forming together like Voltron" thing. But if they gave me an iPhone, I could be persuaded to forget...)

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